Dandelions and Tea

Jun 10, 2021

Two of the great things in life – in my humble opinion.

That amazing season when dandelion seeds are flying around looking for their place to land.

Wow, I say, just wow! This season of dandelion seeds flying around everywhere makes me think about the seeds we plant or leave to fly around in the air. Dandelion seeds can travel up to five miles; that’s quite some distance, you know. I once determined to walk one mile every day and I was shocked at how long a mile is. Unfortunately, I walked the whole mile and then realised I had to go one mile all the way back, thus making my walk two miles long. Luckily for me, I had stayed on the bus route home so I jumped on the bus back.

So, back to the dandelion seeds. Yes, they travel some long distances to repopulate somewhere else. They shed all their seeds, sometimes with the help of little girls like my daughter who has to pick every single one on our journey anywhere and blow all the seeds off. Those seeds plant themselves everywhere and out pops the new dandelion in the next season.

Did you know that we are full of seeds?

The things we say, the things we do, even where we go, are all little seeds. Our social media is full of little seeds.

We go around doing our thing, daily dropping loads of seeds all over the place. Seeds of doubt, seeds of fear, seeds of encouragement, and seeds of joy. We are all seed carriers. I have recently become so aware of all the little seeds I’ve planted over time. Some have grown into huge trees in my mind. I peek out from between the leaves to see if the world is still out there, waiting for me to drop out of my tree of self-doubt that I planted all by myself and was watered by a few comments here and there from others.

I so want to gather and plant seeds of joy in this new season, but I feel a little overwhelmed by all the big trees that have grown up over time from all the little seeds that have been planted. So many of us need that little shove out of the protective branches of the trees we are sitting in, I believe as we get older and feel so much more vulnerable in our aged state that it can become very easy to stay perched up in our tree of self-doubt, fear, etc (I don’t fancy facing any injury at my age.)

I joined a fantastic group called life begins at 45 – https://www.moiradohertybusinesscoach.com/life-begins-at-45/ the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Like-minded people of a certain age planting seeds of positivity, saying “you can do it!” They’ve helped me to slide down the tree and face the world head-on. That’s when I saw the dandelion seeds dashing around everywhere looking for somewhere to plant themselves. 240,000,000 seeds on average do that each season, who says there is no room for me and what I have to offer?

This is where the tea comes in. Dandelion tea is actually quite nice, but you can’t beat a lovely cup of tea to sip on while you read through your paper, or blogs or whatever it is that you read. Keep doing it! Reading is learning, learning is growing. Don’t get into a place of stagnation because it really stinks. Have you sniffed stagnant water? Well, if you never have then I would say just don’t.


Read up on some of the weird and wonderful facts about the humble dandelion link above!

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