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RAFT Course Coming Soon

Come and Join Me as a Fellow Adoptee on the RAFT.

 What does R.A.F.T stand for?

R – Rejection

A – Anger

F – Fear

T – Talk about it


The RAFT course coming soon by Fiona Myles

My course aims to answer some questions around why we feel the strong emotions that we feel. In particular I focus on Rejection, Anger and Fear.

Within Module One you will find information on Rejection, we will look at how rejection affects us as adoptees and how it is different for us.

We then look at techniques to overcome the overwhelm of the rejection feelings we have. I will be showing you ways to minimise those feelings that have held you back for so long.

Module Two will be the same as above on the subject of Anger.

Module Three will focus on Fear, with the same format as Module One.

Module Four – will be a 40 minute One to One session with Fiona Myles. Where we can talk about any difficulties you may have and how to start to overcome them.


Starting May 6th. Book now for the RAFT course. 

As an adoptee myself I have overcome so many barriers that were holding me back from getting to where I always wanted to be. I didn’t want to be a smoldering fire of anger, seething inside about sometimes the smallest thing and blowing up fairly regularly leaving me feeling worse than ever.

I wanted to stop being so fearful of allowing myself to connect with people and also to conquer other fears. I missed out on so much through being crippled with fear at times.

Rejection is something that we live with and have to deal with on so many levels as adoptees. There is no getting away from it. I will be sharing the ways that I use to stop feelings of rejection from overwhelming me constantly.

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The course is called The RAFT because this is your start point. Step on to the RAFT and let it guide you through some rough waters. You will step off the RAFT onto the next vessel that will continue to take you to where it is that you want to go.

That may be to a place of peace, you may want to step out and write a book, you may want to step out into running your own business, or it may be that you simply want the tools to become a calmer person in the storm of adoptee feelings.

Whatever your reason is, allow me to share what I have learned over the past few years to help you overcome the overwhelm.

In the past 6 years I have become an adoptee champion, writing three books, two covering my own adoption story and the third is my insight into Adoption Trauma.

My adoption whisper is becoming a shout. I have been on many leading podcasts and have had articles published on Adoption Trauma.

This is not therapy or counselling. I am not qualified in any way except that I am an adoptee who has overcome the overwhelm.

I want to help you start that journey too.

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Fiona Myles